In the heart of Abbotsford lies a historic, charming, artistic and exciting downtown core.

This old center of town has become the energetic focal point of ‘new’ Abbotsford. The downtown area hosts a variety of vibrant shops, quaint restaurants, cafés and the sidewalks are alive with community and local character. This area is undergoing an exciting renewal and it‘s not surprising to see new developments interspersed with existing buildings. The area is being gentrified and more local businesses are moving in. It is therefore easy to imagine why the downtown core is slowly becoming one of the most lively and sought-after neighborhoods in Abbotsford.

Upper Montrose will be part of the ongoing rejuvenation of historic downtown Abbotsford.

It has been designed as a zone where rural charm blends with urban convenience. These homes are uniquely crafted, with a focus on the broad mix of units, including some LEGAL LOCK-OFF units.

Something old and something new

The demographic group is projected to include those who regard themselves as ‘RIGHT-SIZERS’. These will be people who are seeking a quieter area to live in. Relocating to Abbotsford will be a very attractive option for those who are looking to trade congestion for a return to an idyllic pace of life they’ve come to enjoy. Abbotsford’s growing amenities, strong community and future city planning will also be another draw for people looking to relocate.

Another demographic group that may be drawn to this development will be the empty-nesters from Abbotsford. These are people who are keen to remain local and may already have a property but are looking for a smaller, more manageable home that better suits their needs as well as their pocketbooks. Predictable daily routines and staying in a familiar city will be a major benefit.

The other groups that this development may attract will be those who plan to relocate to Abbotsford for better career opportunities as this part of the lower mainland has seen a significant increase in job availability; following the national trend of baby boomers retiring. As a result of higher demands for properties in the lower mainland, investors that are looking to buy properties to rent-out will be drawn to Abbotsford too.

With its proximity to a charming character retail and the local flavor of Abbotsford, Upper Montrose will be a place where "something old and something new" can happily collaborate.

Upper Montrose promises access to an abundance of retail, unique businesses and dining opportunities. This development will have retail spaces on the ground floor and above that, 4 floors of charming and well-appointed apartments. Its close proximity to the main street of the old town will encourage pedestrian walk-ability, promote exploration of local businesses in the area and also become a hub of social gatherings. The approach the development team has taken withz this project is unique. They have deliberately designed a development that is in sync with the charm and character of the neighborhood as well as creating its own ample retail space. They have also invested heavily in the historic downtown area, developing properties, and strategically sought out businesses that can help the neighbourhood thrive.

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